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Do you work for

No (however, that's kind of a funny question).

I received the CRMsoftwareREPORT over a year ago from [NAME REDACTED]. Is this your report?

Yes. In some cases we do license the report to other companies. Unfortunately, in other cases due to the reports success, some people have chosen to redistribute the report under their own banner. While not acceptable, it does happen from time to time.

When will the next version of the crm software report be released?

The CRMsoftwareREPORT is generally released annually and more often than not near the beginning of each calendar year. Check the web site periodically as we post banners indicating when a new version of the report is available.

Do you provide consulting services for software selection projects?

No, however, we do on occasion provide referrals to reputable companies who specialize in these services. If you would like a referral, please send me an email with your location and any specifics regarding your company or project. If we're aware of a local consulting company which we know is credible, we'll be happy to pass on the referral.

Is there a minimum number of modules for a vendor to be considered for the crm software report?

Yes. The minimum software scope for a vendor to be considered a contender for The CRM Software REPORT is Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing and Customer Service (aka Customer Support). Each CRM system should have at least these three core modules and the modules should be integrated. Other modules such as workflow business process tools, customization tools, CRM Analytics and the like are all a plus, however, not required for consideration to the CRM Software REPORT.

Do you accept banner advertising?


There are some CRM vendors which simply offer to host their client/server systems for a fee. Do you consider these systems to be hosted systems?

No. This is the old 'lipstick on a pig' scenario. For a CRM application to effectively work over the Internet, it should be a thin-client solution delivered via a browser without bandwidth delivery aides such as Citrix or MS Terminal Services. We also believe that for a CRM system to be delivered as a service, a subscription pricing model should be an available option for the customer.

Do you have a SAAS definition that vendors must meet in order to be included in the top 5 software as a service list?

That's a good question. We would like to adhere to an industry accepted definition for software-as-a-service, however, there isn't even a universally accepted industry recognized term for this delivery model. While we refer to this CRM software delivery method as SaaS, many other enterprises refer to it as ASP (Application Service Provider), On-Demand and Hosted CRM. The term ASP seems to be a dying term so we steer away from that term. The term 'On-Demand' was really introduced by a single vendor (Siebel Systems) and hasn't really been strongly embraced outside of Siebel. 'Hosted' is used routinely by consultants and CRM media. However, software-as-a-service or SaaS seems to be the most utilized term to describe CRM application software that is housed in a remote (vendor owned) data center, delivered over the Internet via a browser and priced based on a subscription pricing model. We consider a CRM system to be a SaaS CRM system if it meets those three criteria of remote data center repository, browser-based delivery and subscription pricing.

We produce an impressive sales force automation software module. Will you review it for your Top 5 On-Premise CRM list?

No, to be included for either the On-Demand CRM or On-Premise CRM Top 5 lists, the CRM application must have the three cornerstone modules of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Automation and Customer Service. However, you may be able to enlist your product for the Top 5 Industry Solutions or CRM Specialty Solutions.


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