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The Feature Author Program provides the venue for members and web site readers to share their expertise and be recognized by the industry community. The program is open to CRM software users, consultants, manufacturers, resellers, system integrators, analysts, bloggers and practitioners. This knowledge sharing and collaboration program invites interested persons to submit CRM related content for publication on Content for web site publication may include experiences, lessons learned, insight or advice related to CRM software selection projects, software implementation projects, project management, post installation programs or other topics which this web site's readers would find interesting or helpful. Industry trends or research articles with quantifiable findings are of high interest to web site visitors and readers.

The Feature Author Program includes the following editorial guidelines:

  • Articles must be relevant to the CRM software industry.
  • Articles must consist of original content and be at least 900 words.
  • Articles should NOT be for self promotion or slated vendor promotion purposes.
  • Articles may NOT contain any confidential information or third party intellectual property.
  • Articles may include one link back to your web site as well as links to third party web sites.
  • Articles may include a one paragraph author biography at the end of the article.

The Agreement ('Agreement') for this Feature Author Program is subject to ALL of the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any person submitting content (hereafter 'Author') hereby gives this web site (hereafter 'Site') the right to publish any or all submitted content (hereafter 'Work') on the Site.
  2. The Author warrants that he owns all content and intellectual property rights in each Work as delivered to this Site.
  3. The Author warrants that each Work, as delivered to the Site, shall:
    (i)         Not infringe any copyright, trade secret, patent, trade mark, service mark, intellectual property, or any other right held by a third party;
    (ii)        Not contain any illegal material at the time of the submission of the Work;
    (iii)       Be original.
  4. Consideration to an Author for their Work shall be limited to the exposure provided to the Author from publishing the Work on the Site. No other compensation, remuneration, or payment shall apply or be due to Author.
  5. This Site shall subjectively review submitted Works and shall only publish those Works which the Site in its sole discretion deems of high quality.
  6. Authors of Works which are published on the Site are permitted to display the "360 Featured Author & Expert" image.
  7. Published Works shall be attributed by the Site to the Author if the Author so desires.
  8. Each party shall defend, indemnify and hold  harmless, from any and all damages or liability, arising out or in connection with any breach under this Agreement, namely the protection of intellectual property rights held by a third party.
  9. This Agreement is a precursor to the submission of any Work. This Agreement shall be effective upon the submission of Work by an Author. The submission of any Work to the Site shall indicate full acceptance to this Agreement.
  10. This Site's web site terms apply and extend to this Agreement.

An Author's published Work entitle the author to display the "360 Featured Author & Expert" logo. ERP Featured Author and Expert


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