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Services, Support and Training

For activities such as implementation consulting, change management, business process reengineering and training programs, Oracle offers robust and mature professional services. In addition to their in house consultants, Oracle manages an impressive business partner network consisting of third party system integrators and various implementation partners.

Oracle SaaS CRM clients report a wide range of experiences with consultants – both by Oracle staff and third parties. What this serves to highlight yet again is the importance of interviewing your implementation consultants before making a purchase decision and certainly before the implementation begins. For the most part, you can expect Oracle OnDemand consulting staff to be extremely well versed in the CRM product and Oracle technology stack. It should be duly recognized that the more CRM software implementations that a consultant has completed with some relevance to your industry, business and specific project goals, the better they will perform for your project. Be wary of being sold Oracle On Demand consultants who are new to the company, moving into your industry for the first time and/or who have been implementing small projects as these are clues that you are being staffed sub-optimally for your project. What seems a common theme in working with Oracle OnDemand CRM consultants is that you are paying a premium for the Oracle name and processes and that the consultants are most versed on the application software. Therefore, if your CRM software project includes integrating best practices, reengineering your business processes or implementing a change management program, you may be better served with one of Oracle's partners such as Accenture or Deloitte. Also, if you consider your CRM goals and corresponding implementation to be somewhat outside the box, third party consultants offer increased value in terms of more independent thinking. Some users report that Oracle demonstrates a tendency to steer you towards the default model for their CRM system’s operation regardless of your needs for greater flexibility.

Although Oracle's consulting staff normally offer an unmatched product expertise, Oracle's professional services are almost always the most costly solution. Typical Oracle On Demand CRM software implementation projects can be a minimum of three-times the annual subscription cost and can run upwards quickly if system integration or software customization are necessary.

Other Comparable CRM Solutions To Consider

It's difficult not to consider SAP when recommending alternatives to Oracle. SAP is the clear alternative and major competitor to Oracle. Together, Oracle and SAP dominate the enterprise market for ERP software applications and both firms routinely use discounting techniques to get a CRM sale. However, from a relative perspective, even with aggressive discounts, the margins are lower for SaaS CRM solutions and we seldom see an Oracle CRM On Demand purchase price come in at a lower price point than the pure hosted CRM providers. A more thorough assessment of your SaaS CRM options include the following market leading vendors.

SaaS Vendor Deployment Options Target Market Key Reasons To Consider
Aplicor SaaS Mid-Market, Enterprise Greatest ease of use among SaaS CRM systems
Deep feature sets and flexibility accommodate midmarket customers
Impressive integrated back office ERP application suite
NetSuite SaaS Small to Midsize Business (SMB) Tightly integrated back office ERP application suite
Strong e-commerce storefront functionality
Another Larry Ellison majority owned company
RightNow SaaS Mid-Market Leader in customer service applications
Leader in Self Service portals and tools
Focus on middle market
Sage CRM On Premise, SaaS Small to Midsize Business (SMB) SaaS an on-premise deployment options
Strong international partner channel
Comparable footprint to MS CRM SaaS Small to Enterprise Industry leader for SaaS CRM software solutions
SFA functionality is strong
AppExchange catalog of third party solutions is large


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