CRM Readiness Assessment

Pressure For Change

Without pressure for change, there is insufficient impetus to carry through and action will eventually wane.

Corporate pressures come in many types and forms. Some common pressures include the following:

  • Need for company growth. Companies are either growing or dying, there is no staying the same. Many companies strive to exceed market growth or even to grow when their industry is in decline.
  • Globalization is leading to more competitors and increased competition. There is hyper competition in some segments and competitive shopping is much more automated. Competition is only a click away.
  • A change in focus from cost cutting to top line revenue generation. Product or service cycle times have been trimmed, there are fewer economies of scale and fewer cost cutting measures available. Sales growth is the mantra.
  • Commoditization of products. Products and services are becoming ubiquitous. The remaining differentiaters are customer service, customer loyalty and a strategic customer relationship management business strategy. This business strategy will be aided with a CRM information system to achieve an enterprise-wide view of the customer relationship, increased customer tenure, additional up-selling and cross-selling and decreased customer churn.
High Pressure For Change
Low Pressure For Change


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